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6.10.8 Interview With Cory Richardson July 2010

Basketball Crazy’s brief about Cory Richardson: Cory is a fantastic example of a young athlete that has made the most of the opportunities that have been presented to him over the past twelve months.  Cory has risen from basic obscurity as a developing player representing his junior state league club South West Slammers to representing WA Country in the U/16 National Championships to then representing Australian in the 2010 World U/17 Championships in Germany all in the space of twelve months.  Cory is a very popular person, great personality and a young committed basketball athlete with the potential go further and will likely continue as a successfully international athlete.  This interview will give some incite to what Cory experienced over the past 12 months.

Current Profession: 

Newton Moore Senior High School

Family Members:
Father     Darren Richardson
Mother    Angela Richardson
Brother   Jaymon Reece Goff
Sister      Samantha and Chloe Richardson
Pets        Cossak and Rambo (dog and cat)

Place of Birth:  Bunbury Year of Birth 1993

History of Involvement with basketball Highlights:

         Junior Playing Career Highlights So Far

  • WABL: Winning 3 WABL championships going for our 4th this year
  • STATE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: WA country Team U/16 And U/18 (twice)
  • INTERNATIONAL: U/17 World Basketball Championships Hamburg 2010

Most admired International or USA Player current: Lebron James

Most admired International or USA Player all-time:  Michael Jordan

Most admired Australian Coach:  Guy Molloy

Most admired Australian Player:  Mark Worthington

Most memorable basketball moment as a WA Country player: Beating NSW country in overtime by a point in 5th and 6th  playoff

Most memorable basketball moment as Australian representative player:  Scoring 6 points against Poland in first game of the tournament. Pulling on the green and gold jersey for the first time. And playing against the best in the world.

Cory’s most used motivational phrase: The Harder you work the bigger the reward and No dream is to big, if you want it enough


Basketball Crazy’s Interview with Cory Richardson

BBC   Hi Cory, thank you for taking the time to talk with Basketball Crazy.

CR:   Thank you for the opportunity. It is a pleasure to be able to talk to you.

BBC   First of all, congratulations for making the Australian U/17 Men’s team, it must still seem like a dream for you?   

CR: Thanks, oh yeah it all felt like a dream, I couldn't’t believe it a first but then it finally sunk in, all I could do is think wow I am living every Child's dream of getting the opportunity to play for their country.

BBC  You have had a fast transition into the Australian Junior U/17 Team given that it was only April 2010 that you were playing at the U/18 Australian National Championships for WA Country.  Tell us about that transition from Nationals to Australian Team try-out?

CR:  The transition was tough, I mean learning new offences and defences was tough but I was up against the best playing group of guys for my age in the country making it even harder and because you’re out there trying your hardest to take their spot in the team.

BBC   Can you describe your experience in participating in the selection trials leading up to winning a spot on the Australian team?

CR:  Just being at the training camps were great, the boys were really helpful with me and if I didn’t understand something they would help me understand it. There were really great guys to hang around with.

BBC What was the reaction like for you and after news got out to family and friend about your selection in the Australian team?

CR: My reaction was, well I was stunned just sitting in chair thinking I was still asleep in bed dreaming it all and it really felt like a dream when it happened. When the news got out to the family, they were going crazy, my mum posted it on facebook, dads phone didn’t stop receiving calls from everyone to say congrats to me. It was crazy I never expected the kind of reaction I got from everyone.

BBC What preparation did your team have leading into the World Championships and how did this preparation go for your team and for you personally?

CR: We had one final training camp for the team we played a few practice games in Australia, we were still all trying to believe what had happened to us individually over the past couple of weeks. The preparation was great we just trained and got our structure right. Then we went to Serbia to play the Serbian National Team for our first international games and our structure, we were drilled on at final camp, payed off, we didn’t beat Serbia but we kept getting closer and closer each game we had with them. The preparation for me was great, I was training harder so I was ready to cope with the competition.

BBC   Moving onto the World Championships in Germany, can you describe your experience of arriving in Hamburg, the arrival at your accommodation and your first impressions on seeing the competition stadium?

CR: When I first arrived in Hamburg, it looked completely different to what I would of imagined it to look like. I mean it was beautiful, so green and open spaces, it was just amazing, and the hotel was great, staff were really nice. When I first saw the competition gym I was like oh my god, this is amazing; it was the nicest court I had ever played on.

BBC  The Aussie team was ranked 11 prior to the start of the World Championships, how did your coaching staff and team feel about this ranking and where did the team see itself or what did the team anticipate they could achieve knowing which teams were in your Pool B?

CR: Oh we didn’t really worry about what rank we were, we just wanted to go out there and take it to every team no matter what rank they were. Being in Pool B wasn’t easy, we still had a really tough time, but we beat some really strong teams,  it just shows we were able to compete with the best teams in the world.

BBC How were your nerves in your first game against Poland?

CR: My nerves were going crazy, they didn’t know if they wanted to be excited, scared, nervous or be normal. But they finally left me alone when I stepped in court for the first time.

BBC  Were you happy with your 1st game?

CR: I was really happy with my game but it would of been great to get the win. The team played their best and gave it all they had, so I was really happy how the first game went even though we did not win.

BBC   It must have been frustrating for the team to then go down to Canada in the second game.  The low shooting percentage probably would not have helped?

CR : It was really frustrating losing to Canada because we were right with them all the way but then we had some mental lapses, and yes the low shooting percentage didn’t help us at all.

BBC The strong second half leading to a win against Korea in the third game must have given the team a good boost of confidence?

CR: It felt great to finally get into the winners circle, it definately boosted our teams confidence and team moral.

BBC I do not think too many people would have expected you to beat Germany in the fourth game considering Germany beat Canada?  Your first half must have been fantastic given Germany outscored Australia by 11 points in the second half?

CR: Our first half against Germany was great, the team didn’t like the way the German team were disrespecting our national anthem by laughing and talking during it, so we used that as extra fire and came out and shocked them.

BBC It must have been a special win in the fifth game to beat Spain by 1 point? 

CR: Beating the reigning European champions was great, winning on the buzzer by a point was one of the most exciting things ever, all I remember is running on the court as soon as the ball went in the ring.

BBC After beating Germany and Spain, the team must have started believing that they could beat anyone?   Knowing you had USA in the quarter finals; did the team believe they could upset them?  I mean USA had basically made a mess of anyone who came up against them so far.

CR: Yeah after beating those two impressive teams, we felt a little invincible, coming up against the USA was a task, we knew what we had to, we never gave up against the USA team.  During the tournament we would watch patches of the USA team play if they were on before us and they dominated all the teams they played.

BBC  So you came up against China in your final game to play off for 5th  & 6th position.  The team managed to win by 2 points, how did you team rate China and what was it like winning this close game and the reactions of the team?

CR : We didn’t know how China were going to play us, we didn’t know if they were going fight for the win or just give it to us, winning the game against China was great, we hoped to beat China and finish as high as we possibly could in the tournament.

BBC   Did the team manage to do any sight-seeing whilst in Germany or pre-Germany?

CR: We did some sightseeing while the tournament was on, we had two days or so we went and saw some really great things, before that we were in Serbia and we were stunned to see buildings that were partly blown to pieces, we got some really cool photos of them so it was great to see the things we saw.

BBC   What are your greatest memories of these World Championships and what did you personally get out of participating in this amazing experience?

CR: The entire experience was amazing, I couldn't’t of asked for anymore, my personal experience was, I now know how much I need to improve to be considered one of the best in the world for my age.

BBC Can you reflect back prior to the Australian U/18 National Championships at all the hard work you put in to improve your game and what do you think are the key aspects of the training program you did to bring your skills, fitness and mental thinking to a point that the Australian Coaches would select you?  In other words, what aspects of your being and skills would you recommend young players wishing to make the U/17 Australian Men’s Team in the future, should  work on to gain selection?

CR: I really worked on my shooting because I consider that as one of my best strengths, but I had lots of coaches helping me work on every aspect of my game, whether it was fitness shooting, what I recommend to any younger athlete is for them to be in the right frame of mind, if you’re not in the right frame of mind, then the way you play won’t be your best.

BBC What is likely to happen for Cory Richardson over the next five years, are you aiming for the AIS, College, SBL, and NBL???  What is next?

CR: Who knows what the future holds for my basketball career, hopefully I will go to an American College or the AIS, even play NBL is a possibility but I would like to come play for my home club, if I get the chance to, that is if I am not away.

BBC Basketball Crazy wishes to thank you for time and effort in participating in this interview.  Readers will hopefully find your responses interesting, thought provoking and to enable others to join you in participating in basketball at an elite international level for Australia. 

CR: Thanks Basketball Crazy it has been my pleasure doing this interview for you, who knows we might be doing another one, sometime soon. Thanks 


End of Interview